Anna Gare - Chef

Anna believes the best way to anyone’s heart is with food.

She has won the hearts of many, while hosting and cooking on prime time television shows such as – Junior Masterchef, The Great Australian Bake off , The Best in Australia,  Quickies in my Kitchen, and most recently Anna Gare’s Cab fare where she gets  stories & recipes from cab drivers.

Anna has launched her own retro kitchen range and has written 3 cookbooks titled “Homemade, , “Eat in” and “Delicious Everyday”. 

She is passionate about inspiring people to cook healthy meals.  Her career in food has enabled her to work with Jamie Oliver to help launch the ministry of food here in Australia. 

 Her work with kids through Stephanie Alexander’s “Kitchen Garden School Program” also reflects her commitment to making cooking accessible and fun for everyone. 

Anna has been living in Denmark, WA for the last 6 years.  When she’s not cooking at festivals and promoting West Australian produce she’s living the foodies dream.