Chris Strang - Fremantle Long Table

The Norfolk chef Chris Strang has worked at some of Perth’s best eateries including Balthazaar, Bread in Common, as well as restaurants in Toronto and St Louis, where he fell in love with the art of smoked food. 

The Norfolk chef and BBQ specialist Chris Strang has been cooking up a storm in WA and overseas kitchens for nearly 20 years. At The Norfolk, Chris puts his years of mastering the craft to bring beautifully slow cooked meat from the firepit to your plate. However it was time spent in St Louis in Missouri where he really fell in love with the art of smoked food and BBQ.

“Properly done BBQ is all about slowing down. It’s a simplistic but beautiful way of doing food where you need time and patience. It lets you brings to life the produce, the cooking technique and the environment it’s been cooked in.”

Since returning from the US, Chris worked at Bread in Common and now The Norfolk, practising his craft in the local conditions.

“Freo’s humid and salty air really adds its own flavour during the cooking process. I can’t wait to serve the Freo Long Table with a dish that is a joy to cook and has a local and unique taste all of its own too.”

What’s for dinner at this year’s Fremantle Long Table? Read the menu here.