The Gallivanting Cook loves to ask people along his food journey if they’ve eaten yet. Although a person’s belly may be full, Chef Vincent Lim says that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve eaten.

Lim’s appetite for uncovering the soul of food has taken him all over the world. People tell him the life and love behind culinary treasures which he communicates through his creations on the plate.

Preparation of food is a labour of love

Vincent Lim

People can be shown how to mix pride, love and passion into food. And what a blessing to sit in front of a dining table, with lots of foods to eat, wine to drink and stories to tell, Lim says.

Talking food

A menu is an artistic expression that people come to experience

Vincent Lim

With a lifetime of worldwide culinary experience and restaurant acumen, Lim works with food businesses on finding their heart.

I tell my clients I help them find their identity first because without it they’re just a place that sells meals

Vincent Lim

Building a ‘Food Heart’

Lim has worked with some of the world’s most famous restaurants applying his wisdom through guidance – including menu creation, marketing, collaboration cooking, restaurant systems and product development.

His skills have split into the media via writing food columns and celebrity cooking demonstrations.
Appeared on Channel 7, 6PR radio, ABC breakfast show, ABC Newspaper and food show with ABC Perth
He was invited as guest chef for one of the biggest event in the Southern region in Perth, also a food editor for one of the largest newspaper media in Indonesia.

When not busy consulting, he is focused on giving back to the community. Food and service to the community are intrinsically connected as pathways for a healthy and happy living, Lim says.